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Electronic Tolling and Traffic Management – ETTM


Electronic Toll and Traffic Management (ETTM) is an element of ITS that allows for nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring. ETTM utilizes vehicles equipped with transponders (electronic tags), wireless communication, in-road/roadside sensors, and a computerized system (hardware and software) to uniquely identify each vehicle, electronically collect the toll, provide general vehicle/traffic monitoring and data collection.
ETTM technologies and infrastructures provide the necessary capabilities for future applications such as incident management, alternate route guidance, and travel demand management. Properly implemented, ETTM can reduce congestion, increase operating efficiency, improve travel time, reduce pollution, and improve safety of the roadway facility and surrounding corridors.

ETC Overview
A major component of the ETTM is Electronic Toll Collection (ETC). ETC is combination of techniques and technologies that allows vehicles to pass through a toll facility without requiring any action by the driver (i.e., stopping at toll plazas to pay cash).


Toll Collection System Segments

ETC components can be categorized as in-lane/roadway components, facility management and customer service center components. Three major in-lane/roadway (roadside) components are required for the successful implementation of an ETC. These components are:

  • Automatic Vehicle Identification (AVI)
  • Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) and
  • Video Enforcement Systems (VES).



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