About Us



DOMATIC was founded in July, 2015 with a team of 7 including 4 engineers. Our vision is to improve people's living standards by delivering innovative products and quality services. Our team grew very quickly as the market expanded in recent months.  

At DOMATIC, our core values include ingenuity, accountability, honesty and responsibility. 


DOMATIC specializes in a range of automation and control services for residential, commercial and industrial developments. In addition to our own products and services, DOMATIC also offers systems integration, and life cycle development from inception to delivery. 

Be Part of Our Community

Here at DOMATIC, we pride ourselves on adding value to our community. We respect people's time and money. For us, it is unacceptable for time and money to be unnecessarily wasted due to a lack of reliable and cost-effective automated systems. Our products and services play a role in building a smarter and sustainable living in our community.